Directives issued by the Commission to Telecommunications Service Providers

Notification for Disconnection

Cable & Wireless is to change their strategy to ensure that automotive messages are not used for the final notification before disconnecting the service of customers but should speak directly to the holder of the account as the final notification before disconnecting the service of their customers. When contacting the holder of the account, this should be done by an

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Postpaid Plans

The information of the L Plan should not be advertised as unlimited. The wording “Unlimited Data” should be changed to “60GB of Data”. Also, the wording “Unlimited Anywhere local minutes and SMS” should be changed to “10,000 Anywhere local minutes and SMS”.

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LTE Service Advertisements

 Any mobile service provider that does not offer LTE service on 75% or more of their mobile service tower locations across St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be required to outline in all (existing and planned) public advertisements (inclusive of billboards) relating to LTE service the number of sites that they currently offer LTE service as a percentage of the

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Change in Prices

All medium used by Telecommunications Providers to inform their customers and the General Public of the changes to the prices of their services/packages should clearly outline what the price increases/decreases are. Additionally, all medium used should contain the same information.

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