Consultation on ECTEL Regional Spectrum Management Plan 2021


  1. The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission is in receipt of a submission from ECTEL containing the ECTEL Regional Spectrum Management Plan for its Member States.
  2. A copy of the draft Regional Spectrum Management Plan is attached to this Consultative Document.
  3. The initial comments period will run from 12th July 2021 to 6th August 2021.
  4. The Comment on Comments period will run from 16th August 2021 to 27th August 2021.
  5. Following the Reply Comments period, ECTEL’s Directorate will revise and submit the draft ECTEL Regional Spectrum Management Plan to the Council of Ministers for its recommendation for adoption in the ECTEL Member States.
  6. All responses to this Consultative Document should be written and sent by post, fax or e-mail to: –
    Managing Director
    P. O. Box BW395,
    Gros Islet, LC01 601
    Saint Lucia
    Fax: 1-758-458-1698
Extension of Initial Period for Comments

Noting the interest expressed, and considering requests received thus far during this consultation, ECTEL has decided that the deadline for submission of initial comments be extended to Friday 13th August 2021 to allow interested parties more time to submit comments.

This consultative document does not constitute legal, commercial or technical advice. The consultation is without prejudice to the legal position of ECTEL’s duties to provide advice and recommendations to the Ministers with responsibility for electronic communications and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commissions.