NTRC Newsletter – September 2021

The innovations of today’s world that allow for society to function virtually amidst a pandemic is proof that new ideas can and will continue to change how effectively tasks can be carried out. Apollo Knights, Director of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) made this point when he spoke at the virtual launch of this year’s installment of the NTRC iCode784 competition on September 15, 2021. “…When you inspire people to do something, you want to change how things are. So, a lot of people might say, why do you need more apps? You already have like a million apps available to do everything you want to do currently, which is true, but things are always changing, technology is always changing. People always get new ideas as to how they can do stuff and that’s what leads change,” Knights said. This is the ninth year that the NTRC is engaging youths in the technology competition. Like in previous years, the focus remains on the development of mobile applications and ideas that can facilitate the employment and improvement of new or existing systems both in the public and private sectors.