Tribunal Decisions

Tribunal decisions issued by the Commission

S. Clarke & Columbus Communications(Flow)

DISPUTE BETWEEN SHELLEY CLARKE AND COLUMBUS COMMUNICATIONS SVG LTD (FLOW)   Complaint On June 9, 2020, Mr. Shelley Clarke filed a Complaint Form 1 against Columbus Communications. Mr. Clarke stated that Columbus Communications has done nothing to address his complaint in a manner that is satisfactory to him and as a result filed a Complaint Form 2, received to the Commission’s

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H. Blake & Cable and Wireless(Flow)

DISPUTE BETWEEN MR. HORACE BLAKE AND CABLE AND WIRELESS (FLOW)   Complaint Mr. Horace Blake filed a Complaint Form 1 against Cable & Wireless on June 17, 2019 indicating that he was about to travel (left on March 29, 2019) and as such, he notified a customer service representative at Cable & Wireless on March 19, 2019 via word of

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