94TH Meeting of The ECTEL Board of Directors

The ninety-fourth meeting of the ECTEL Board of Directors will be held in person at the Dolphin Conference Centre at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Saint Lucia, and virtually, via Microsoft Teams platform, on Thursday, 9th March 2023 from 9:00 a. m. 

Interested persons wishing to observe the proceedings of the meeting virtually are invited to register in advance, using the link below:

Register to Observe the 94th Meeting of ECTEL’s Board of Directors

If you experience difficulty with registration, please contact us:

Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL)

Telephone Number: (758) 458 1701/2
Fax Number: (758) 458 1698
E-mail: ectel@ectel.int

Note to Observers

  1. The Agenda clearly states the items that shall be open to public observation, and those that shall be closed to public observation and taken in caucus. At the appropriate time, the Chairman shall declare the open session closed to observers.  Observers shall then leave the meeting.
  1. At the time of registration, observers shall be required to provide their full name and address, email address and the name of the interest/organisation they represent (if applicable).
  1. Observers shall not be allowed to participate in the Meeting’s discussions.
  1. Board papers will not be provided to observers.
  1. Observers shall not take photographs, video recordings nor audio recordings of the proceedings.
  1. The Chairman may agree to the presence of the press at the meeting subject to such terms and conditions as may be imposed.