Licenses are required before operators or other individuals are allowed to provide a telecommunications service or use equipment to transmit radio frequencies.

Licenses allow the Commission to keep track of how the spectrum is being utilized, and allows the most efficient usage of this limited resource. Read more about this issue at Licensing Requirements.

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All license application forms can be downloaded below:

Individual LicencesTypePDF FormatMS Format
Radio Broadcast LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Maritime, Aeronautical or Land Mobile LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Amateur Radio LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Aircraft Station Radio LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Value Added ServicesClass LicenceViewDownload
Community Radio LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Television BroadcastClass LicenceViewDownload
Internet Services Provision (15 to 30 units)Class LicenceViewDownload
Internet Services Provision (Over 30 units)Class LicenceViewDownload
Subscriber TelevisionClass LicenceViewDownload
International Simple Voice ResaleClass LicenceViewDownload
Private Networks/ServicesClass LicenceViewDownload
Citizen Band Radio LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Family Radio LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Ship Station Radio LicenseClass LicenceViewDownload
Annex for General / Other Frequency AuthorizationsFrequency AuthorizationDownload
Annex for General and Radio Broadcast Frequency AuthorizationsFrequency AuthorizationDownload
Annex for GSM Frequency AuthorizationsFrequency AuthorizationDownload
Annex for Microwave Frequency AuthorizationsFrequency AuthorizationDownload
Frequency AuthorizationFrequency AuthorizationViewDownload
Public Mobile TelecommunicationsIndividualViewDownload
Submarine CableIndividualViewDownload
Public Radio PagingIndividualViewDownload
Internet Networks/ServicesIndividualViewDownload
Fixed Public TelecommunicationsIndividualViewDownload
Important: Frequency Authorization applications must be submitted along with relevant Annex