Internet Tariffs

Internet tariff outlines the types of services a provider will offer for internet, along with the rates it intends to charge.

Current rates as at June 30, 2016.
[su_tabs class=”my-custom-tabs” vertical = “no”][su_tab title=”LIME Internet Tariffs”][su_note note_color=”#edf9fa” text_color=”#327d8d”]NB: In order to get LIME’s internet, fixed line is needed. As such, the fixed line rental rate is included in the internet prices below: Fixed line rental rates are: Business $55.20 and Residential $23.46.This does not apply to LIME’s Mega-Lite package. [/su_note]

Plan NameDownload SpeedPrice EC$
Super Fast 303$123.32
Superfast 606$129.37
Superfast 909$133.40
Superfast 12012$153.58
Superfast 15015$163.67
Superfast 24024$173.76
Business Premier1$172.84
Business Premier Plus3$323.64
Business Premier Max4$404.84
Business Mega Optimum8$462.84
[su_tab title=”Karib Cable Internet Tariffs”]
PlanDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Price EC$
Flow Broadband (low income homes)52$50
Flow Broadband 505010$120