NTRC Newsletter June 2015

NTRC concludes School discussions for the year 2015

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has concluded its series of schools discussions at various secondary and tertiary institutions across St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The final schools discussion was held at the Adelphi Secondary School on June 22, 2015 as many schools were in their examination period. Although having implemented open wifi at all 107 schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and other public locations via the Universal Service Fund (USF), many students were not aware of the Commission’s functions. As a result of this, the Commission conducted these schools discussions as a part of its public awareness plan for 2015. As part of the public awareness plan, various secondary and tertiary intuitions were visited nationwide where educational and interactive sessions were delivered. These schools discussions normally begin with a brief overview of the NTRC, how it was formed and the duties according to the Telecommunications act of 2001. Additionally, students would be given short presentations on the projects implemented using the Universal Service Fund (USF) – a fund managed by the NTRC to compensate any telecommunications provider to provide Universal Service or to otherwise promote Universal Service.

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