H. Blake & Digicel



  1. Complaint

On July 27, 2020, Mr. Horace Blake filed a Complaint Form 1 against Digicel. Mr. Blake stated that Digicel has done nothing to address his complaint in a manner that is satisfactory to him and as a result filed a Complaint Form 2, received to the Commission’s office on October 15, 2020.


In Mr. Blake’s complaint he outlined that he forfeited his fixed line and internet services at Flow on October 16, 2019 and went to a customer service representative (CSR) at Digicel where he was promised a postpaid plan valued at $110 monthly. This plan included 200 minutes of telephone calls to USA, Canada and the UK, 12GB data, and home internet via a MiFi device. Mr. Blake indicated that he was told all payments for this plan would be due on the 29th of each month and there was no mention of any data or usage limits to this plan.


Mr. Blake stated that his receipts would show the last payment he made was on July 21, 2020, but on July 25, 2020 his data was off for the weekend until midday the following Monday. This was after making two trips to the Digicel office. Mr. Blake indicated the first trip back to the store the CSR told him his 12GB data ran out. After this he went to a store to buy some medicine for his wife then returned to the office and asked the CSR how his data could be finished when on July 21, 2020, he paid $110.00 but on Saturday July 25, 2020, when he woke up there was no data.


Mr. Blake indicated that the CSR called his manager and then notified Mr. Blake that everything would be ok when he gets home but when he got home that day there was no data and he had to make another call to Digicel before the data was turned back on.


Mr. Blake indicated that each month for the next nine months since then the data on his phone came off before the 29th day of each month although he was paying his bills before the due date each month.


2. Decision of the Tribunal

Based on the cases put forward by both Mr. Blake and Digicel, both parties have agreed that the issue was resolved. Mr. Blake has indicated that he is satisfied with Digicel’s efforts to resolve his issues. Noting the above, the Commission has made the decision to conclude the tribunal.