File Complaint

Are you having problems with your telephone, mobile and internet services?



Whether it is frequent disconnections, unaccountable charges or poor quality of service, such an issue must be brought to the attention of the provider in order to facilitate a speedy resolution.

Telecommunication providers may also file complaints against other providers. These complaints may be primarily due to service disruption or interference as well as unaccountable charges and poor quality of service.


The proper procedure for filing a complaint is described below:
The aggrieved party shall first seek to remedy the cause of grievance with the telecommunications provider by filing a statement of complaint (form 1) directly to the offending provider, henceforth known as the respondent. Statement of complaint forms can be found at the provider’s office, at the NTRC office in Kingstown, or downloaded by clicking the button below.


The respondent provider is to send a confirmation of receipt of the statement of complaint to the aggrieved party within 3 business days.

The telecommunication provider or respondent shall take all reasonable steps to resolve a complaint filed within thirty days of the date of filing of the statement of complaint. Aggrieved parties must note that the 30 days starts from the date of filing of complaint and not the date that the fault or issue occurred.

If, after thirty (30) days from the filing of a statement of complaint, both parties have made reasonable efforts but are still unable to amicably resolve the dispute for which the statement of complaint was filed, either party may file an application with the NTRC for assistance with the resolution of the matter.

Application for assistance should:

a) Be submitted on the application for assistance form (form 2), which is also available at the NTRC office in Kingstown or downloaded by clicking the button below.


b) Be filed in triplicate with one copy being addressed to the NTRC, the second copy to ECTEL, St. Lucia, and the third copy to the other party involved in the dispute.

c) Contain such information or evidence describing the status of any negotiation between the parties to resolve the dispute during the thirty-day time limit.

d) Contain such information as to the form of alternative dispute resolution process preferred in the circumstances. Please note that Mediation is the alternative dispute resolution process preferred by the Commission

The Commission shall use its best efforts to resolve a dispute within sixty days from the date an application is filed with the commission.