type approval

A Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

The following equipment require type approval in St. Vincent and the Grenadines:

  1. Cellular phones
  2. Cordless phones
  3. Fax machines
  4. GSM telephones
  5. Mobile radios
  6. Modems
  7. Wireless remote devices
  8. PABXs (including small business systems and key systems)
  9. Pagers
  10. Radio receivers
  11. Radio transmitters
  12. Satellite earth stations
  13. Telecommunications switching equipment
  14. Telephone instruments
  15. Telex Equipment
  16. Other equipment emitting a radio signal
  17. Any customer premises equipment to be attached to any part of a licensed telecommunications network


Procedure for type approval in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

All radio or telecommunications equipment require type approval before they can be installed, sold or used in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Type approval can be gained locally or if the equipment already has a foreign type approval then it may be exempted from local approval processes. More information on exemptions can be found at the end of this article. To gain type approval for radio and or telecommunications equipment the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Submit an application for type approval via post or email to the NTRC. All applications should include the following:
    1. An application letter
    2. The technical specifications of the device
    3. Any type approvals (e.g. FCC, ETSI, Canadian) issued for the device
    4. An application fee of EC $100.00 (or US $38.00) for local applicants or EC $117.00 (or US $43.00) for overseas applicants
  2.  If the Commission is satisfied that the equipment for approval has been certified under certain FCC, ETSI or Canadian regulations then the equipment may be exempted from our local type approval processes.
  3. If the Commission does not accept the foreign approval certificates submitted, then the equipment must go through our local type approval processes. With respect to local type approval, please note the following:
    1. There is a lead time of 6 weeks for local approval
    2. A sample of the equipment may be requested


Payment Methods

CashChequeWire TransferOnline
Payment for type approval may be delivered in cash to the NTRC (2nd Floor NIS Building, Upper Bay St. Kingstown) during normal business hours (8:00AM – 4:00PM)
Cheques should be made out to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

Bank Name: Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Address: Bedford Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Swift Code: NCBV VC22
Account No.: 120066
Account Name: National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission

This option is for payments only. Please ensure that the relevant documents are submitted to the Commission via email or mail.

Pay Online

Are there any exemptions?

The Commission recognizes the following foreign type approvals:

  • AMPS, TDMA & GSM Cellular equipment certified under the FCC Part 68 and other US and Canadian law sections.
  • Equipment certified under European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), definitions, rules and decisions
  • Facsimile machines that are certified under FCC Parts 15 and 68 and the related radiation performance standards found in Title 21, Chapter 1, sub-chapter (j) of the United States Code of Federal Regulations;
  • PABX and related equipment certified under FCC Parts 15 and 68 and related Canadian technical standards for electromagnetic interference, including ICES-003 class B;


Other Exemptions

The following equipment when certified by the Commission as compliant with certain technical standards are exempted from type approvals:

  • Cable and other forms of wiring
  • Household appliances