V. Mascoll & Cable and Wireless(Flow)



  1. Complaint

On September 9, 2021, Ms. Virginia Mascoll of Stubbs submitted a complaint form 1 against Flow indicating that sometime around June 2021 she was not able to use her telephone, and this continued for about 3 months. Ms. Mascoll indicated that she had been paying her bills each month, but it was not until sometime in August she called the Flow store to inquire and was told by a customer service agent that her telephone line was assigned to a different subscriber and that person had requested to have the telephone disconnected.

On October 19, 2021, Ms. Mascoll indicated to the NTRC that she cannot recall anyone visiting her home, however her son received a call from Flow in September 2021 to find out if the phone was working to which he responded that it was working. Ms. Mascoll indicated that Flow never contacted her to apologise or offer compensation for the time during which she was out of service and still paying her bills.

On November 4, 2021, Ms. Mascoll filed a complaint form 2 to the NTRC requesting that the Commission review the complaint and make a decision as she is not satisfied with the response from Flow and how they handled the matter.

2. Decision of the Tribunal

Flow has also agreed to offer Mrs. Mascoll a full 1-month credit on the line rental for all services on Mrs. Mascoll’s 6010XXXX account. This will be inclusive of the fixed line rental, cable TV service rental and broadband internet service. This credit will be applied to Mrs. Mascoll’s account by June 30, 2022.