A. Jagger & Cable and Wireless(Flow)



  1. Complaint

On June 1, 2022, Mr. Andy Jagger of Bequia submitted a complaint form 1 against Cable and Wireless SVG (T/A “Flow”) indicating that since December 2021 he has been trying to get a refund on his account #600—- which has 2 landlines and a broadband service. Mr. Jagger indicated since he signed up for his landline service over 14 years ago, he has had a package called ‘ Smart Choice Plan’, which includes a line rental amongst some other features.


However, Mr. Jagger said he noticed that since FLOW has done a migration of their systems from copper to HFC around November 2021, he has seen that he is being billed for the Smart Choice package and then again for a line rental, which is incorrect given that the line rental is already included in the Smart Choice plan. Mr. Jagger stated that he is unsure of the length of time that he has been overcharged, and that attempts to have the matter resolved with FLOW agents have been fruitless because Flow has refused to give him the information he has asked for and has been holding up the proceedings for the past seven months by sending letters to him stating that they are investigating the matter.


In addition to the above issue, Mr. Jagger also indicated the following issues he noted on investigation of his bills for the past 7 months:

  1. On the January 2022 bill, Mr. Jagger was charged for line rental, smart choice plan, and a calling and answering service he does not have for phone number 453XXXX. Mr. Jagger indicated he has never called this number, yet he was charged 13 times for calling this number.
  2. Mr. Jagger noted on the February 2022 bill that he was charged for line rental, smart choice, and a late fee while his account was in credit. He was also charged again for an answer service that he does not have.
  3. On the 1 May 2022 bill, Mr. Jagger indicated that he did not get charged for line rental and the Smart Choice package, but he was then being charged for calling himself (his landline number) and again charged for calling an answer service he does not have. Mr. Jagger indicated that over the past few months he has asked Flow to look into this and they found 4 mistakes, however he indicated he found 11 calls that were mistakes on his bill. Mr. Jagger also indicated that Item 42 on page 3 of his May bill shows that he called himself and he does not know how it is possible to make a call from his landline to the same landline number.


Mr. Jagger also stated that after visiting the Flow office to inquire about this he received an email from Flow’s Bequia office stating that he received a credit of $460.61 on his account and it is currently in credit. However, Mr. Jagger indicated that he did not see such credit reflecting on his next month’s bill and he also asked how FLOW calculated the refund, but he was not given an answer.


There is no record of Cable and Wireless acknowledging receipt of the complaint, and no report was provided by the company on the actions taken to resolve or address this complaint.


On July 12, 2022, Mr. Jagger filed a complaint form 2 to the NTRC selecting no preferred option. Mr. Jagger indicated that he would like to be refunded by Flow for the overcharges on his account and he would like some explanation from Flow as to why he is not being provided with the information he requested regarding his bills and why it has been taking so long to resolve his issue. Mr. Jagger stated that he would also like Flow to prove that they have not been overcharging him for the past 14 years for the Smart Choice Package and the Line Rental.

2. Decision of the Tribunal

Flow has agreed to provide the Commission with a detailed breakdown of Mr. Jaggers account outlining the credits that have been applied to his account with regards to the over charges. If this breakdown is not clear, then the tribunal will meet again in person so Flow can provide an explanation to the tribunal and the customer.