2022 icode784 Competition Finalists Announced

The 10th edition of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s (NTRC) now enters the third phase with 24 teams progressing to the final.

This follows on the preliminary round held between October 18 and 19, 2022.

Seven teams have advanced under the Secondary Idea category, five under the Secondary Mobile app category and 12 under the Open Category.

The teams making it to the final under the Secondary Idea include ‘Taze’ of the St Vincent Grammar School (Bradley Alexander, Joseph Warren and Micah Glasgow); ‘UISS GOP’ of the Union Island Secondary School (Derissa James and Akeeliah Ashton); ‘Iwire’ (SVGS – Oneil Sprott, Chad Keizer, Luca Roberts and LeBern Matthews); ‘U.I.S.S Wildlife Koders’ (UISS – Hosea Wilson, Daniella Laborde and Malique Hackshaw); ‘J.A.M Tech’ (SVGS – Jonathan Wood, Matthew Wilson and Andre Quamina); ‘Sentinels of the St Martins Secondary School (Urijah Lyttle, Shermi Charles, Bashar Abu-Eid and Obediah Mayers) and ‘SS – Multi’ (SMSS – Levon Derrick, Olani Slack, Frediq John and Martin Young).

Teams that have advanced to the finals of the Secondary Mobile app category are ‘For the Future (FTF)’ of the Canouan Secondary School (Teri-Ann Bynoe, Kimonique Harry, Shara Snagg and Jouvel Pierre), ‘Software Explorers (CSS- Shi-Ann King, Delicia King and Kiere Antoine), ‘DJ Literally’ (Petit Bordel Secondary School – Devon Jhon and Jadan Williams), ‘SVGS Tech innovations’ (SVGS – Nathan Warrick and Isiah Toney) and ‘After School Boys’ (SVGS – Matthew Wilson and Andre Quamina).

And the 12 finalists for the Open Category are ‘Skyfall’ (Odia Charles, Afridon Dyer and Kay-Anna John), ‘Red-Lionz’ (Rackeim De Freitas and Ronetta Nanton), ‘DM’ (Odia Charles and Kay-Anna John), ‘Astra 1 and 2’ (Stanislaus Gomes and Luke Wilson), ‘Koderz’ (Vikron Alexander, Jia Gloster and Vivisha Simmons), ‘SVGS Tech Inovations’ (Nathan Warrick and Isiah Toney), ‘Lyric’ (Isaac Cepeda, Cayla Morris, Luke Wilson and Runel Primus), ‘Network Nedula’ (Isaac Cepeda and Richard Daize), ‘J-An Inovations’ (Ansonique Cuffy and Janessa Durham) and ‘Goin App’ (Leeza Sarah and Raylita Lewis).

Twenty teams representing six secondary schools participated in the preliminary round of the Secondary Idea category with six schools participating on the Secondary Mobile app category.

There were also 16 teams in the Open category.

Teams will now strive to do their best when they face off against each other in the respective categories at the final which will be held on November 16, 2022.

At this stage of the competition, teams will vie for top honours and for cash and other prizes including: in the Secondary Idea category – 1st – EC$2,500; 2nd – EC$1,500 and 3rd – EC$1,000.

Prizes for the Secondary Mobile App category: 1st – EC5,000 and a laptop compliments the NTRC; 2nd – EC$3,000 and 3rd – EC$2,000.

And for the Open Category: 1st – EC$5,000 as well as two tickets to the GMSA 4YFN Startup Event 2023 in Barcelona, Spain; 2nd – EC$3,000 and 3rd – EC$2,000.

A prize will be awarded to schools with the most entries of EC$1,000 and mentors for winning teams will be awarded between EC$750 to EC$1,000.

All other teams advancing to the final, but not placing will also receive EC$300.