This category caters specifically to telecommunication service providers. It gives information about technical and legal issues that will be useful to license-holders. Below you will find relevant links.

File Complaint

Whether it is frequent disconnections, unaccountable charges or poor quality of service, such an issue must be brought to the attention of the provider in order to facilitate a speedy resolution.


Regulations address how specific aspects must be handled, including legal terms, obligations, procedures and any other related information.

Universal Service Fund

The Universal Service Fund is a fund to be used by the Commission, to compensate any Telecommunication provider who is required to provide Universal Service or to promote Universal Service.

Interconnection Rates

The charges that the Telecommunications Providers pay to each other when a call or text message (SMS) is sent from one network to the other

Frequency Authorisation

A frequency authorisation is relevant only for persons / organizations that have also applied for an individual or class licence or those who already have such a licence and would like to deploy their services using wireless means.


A numbering plan is a type of system used in telecommunications for assigning numbers to every terminal or device on the network, so that each can be reached through direct dial numbers.

Licence Register

Licences granted under the Telecommunications Act (CAP 418) of the Revised Laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2009.

Licence Applications

Repository of license application forms for telecommunications services


Directives issued to Telecommunications Service Providers by the Commission