Retail Tariffs

Tariff refers to the terms and conditions including charges to be applied in providing a service. According to the Telecommunications Tariff Regulations 2002, telecommunication providers shall make all tariffs filed with the commission available to the public.

The amounts listed in the table are the rates charged to the consumer per call depending on the duration of the call. For example the rate for a 10 minute call is the total amount charged to the consumer for that type of call lasting 10 minutes. It is not the rate per minute except in the case of 1 minute calls.
Rates are VAT inclusive.

These tariffs were filed by the providers to the Commission and are valid as of September 30, 2017.

Prepaid Mobile RatesPostpaid Mobile RatesFixed Line Rates
DestinationTimeDuration (mins.)DigicelCable & WirelessColumbus CommunicationsDifference in Rates
Mobile (On Network)Peak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Mobile (On Network)Peak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Mobile (On Network)Peak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Mobile (On Network)Off Peak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Mobile (On Network)Off Peak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Mobile (On Network)Off Peak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Mobile (On Network)Weekend1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Mobile (On Network)Weekend3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Mobile (On Network)Weekend10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Mobile (Off Network)Peak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Mobile (Off Network)Peak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Mobile (Off Network)Peak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Mobile (Off Network)Off Peak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Mobile (Off Network)Off Peak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Mobile (Off Network)Off Peak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Mobile (Off Network)Weekend1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Mobile (Off Network)Weekend3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Mobile (Off Network)Weekend10$9.90$9.70$0.20
US Fixed Line & MobileDay1$1.63$1.62$0.01
US Fixed Line & MobileDay3$4.89$4.85$0.04
US Fixed Line & MobileDay10$16.30$16.20$0.10
US Fixed Line & MobileEvening1$1.18$1.12$0.06
US Fixed Line & MobileEvening3$3.54$3.36$0.18
US Fixed Line & MobileEvening10$11.80$11.20$0.60
UK MobileDay1$1.63$1.62$0.01
UK MobileDay3$4.89$4.86$0.03
UK MobileDay10$16.30$16.20$0.10
UK MobileEvening1$1.18$1.12$0.06
UK MobileEvening3$3.54$3.36$0.18
UK FixedEvening10$11.80$11.20$0.60
UK FixedDay1$1.63$1.62$0.01
UK FixedDay3$4.89$4.86$0.03
UK FixedDay10$16.30$16.20$0.10
UK FixedEvening1$1.18$1.12$0.06
UK FixedEvening3$3.54$3.36$0.18
UK FixedEvening10$11.80$11.20$0.60
LIME FixedPeak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
LIME FixedPeak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
LIME FixedPeak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
LIME FixedOff Peak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
LIME FixedOff Peak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
LIME FixedOff Peak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
LIME FixedWeekend1$0.99$0.97$0.02
LIME FixedWeekend3$2.97$2.91$0.06
LIME FixedWeekend10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Karib Cable Fixed LinePeak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Karib Cable Fixed LinePeak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Karib Cable Fixed LinePeak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Karib Cable Fixed LineOff Peak1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Karib Cable Fixed LineOff Peak3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Karib Cable Fixed LineOff Peak10$9.90$9.70$0.20
Karib Cable Fixed LineWeekend1$0.99$0.97$0.02
Karib Cable Fixed LineWeekend3$2.97$2.91$0.06
Karib Cable Fixed LineWeekend10$9.90$9.70$0.20
DestinationTimeDuration (mins.)DigicelCable & WirelessColumbus CommunicationsDifference in Rates
Mobile (On Network)Peak1$0.69$0.29$0.40
Mobile (On Network)Peak3$2.07$0.87$1.20
Mobile (On Network)Peak10$6.90$2.90$4.00
Mobile (On Network)Off Peak1$0.69$0.29$0.40
Mobile (On Network)Off Peak3$2.07$0.87$1.20
Mobile (On Network)Off Peak10$6.90$2.90$4.00
Mobile (On Network)Weekend1$0.69$0.29$0.40
Mobile (On Network)Weekend3$2.07$0.87$1.20
Mobile (On Network)Weekend10$6.90$2.90$4.00
Mobile (Off Network)Peak1$0.69$0.70$0.01
Mobile (Off Network)Peak3$2.07$2.10$0.03
Mobile (Off Network)Peak10$6.90$7.00$0.10
Mobile (Off Network)Off Peak1$0.69$0.70$0.01
Mobile (Off Network)Off Peak3$2.07$2.10$0.03
Mobile (Off Network)Off Peak10$6.90$7.00$0.10
Mobile (Off Network)Weekend1$0.69$0.70$0.01
Mobile (Off Network)Weekend3$2.07$2.10$0.03
Mobile (Off Network)Weekend10$6.90$7.00$0.10
US Fixed Line & MobileDay1$1.50$1.50$0.00
US Fixed Line & MobileDay3$4.50$4.50$0.00
US Fixed Line & MobileDay10$15.00$15.00$0.00
US Fixed Line & MobileEvening1$0.95$1.50$0.55
US Fixed Line & MobileEvening3$2.85$4.50$1.65
US Fixed Line & MobileEvening10$9.50$15.00$5.50
UK MobileDay1$1.50$1.50$0.00
UK MobileDay3$4.50$4.50$0.00
UK MobileDay10$15.00$15.00$0.00
UK MobileEvening1$0.95$1.50$0.55
UK MobileEvening3$2.85$4.50$1.65
UK MobileEvening10$9.50$15.00$5.50
UK Fixed LineDay1$1.50$1.50$0.00
UK Fixed LineDay3$4.50$4.50$0.00
UK Fixed LineDay10$15.00$15.00$0.00
UK Fixed LineEvening1$0.95$1.50$0.55
UK Fixed LineEvening3$2.85$4.50$1.65
UK Fixed LineEvening10$9.50$15.00$5.50
LIME Fixed LinePeak1$0.69$0.56$0.13
LIME Fixed LinePeak3$2.07$1.68$0.39
LIME Fixed LinePeak10$6.90$5.60$1.30
LIME Fixed LineOff Peak1$0.69$0.56$0.13
LIME Fixed LineOff Peak3$2.07$1.68$0.39
LIME Fixed LineOff Peak10$6.90$5.60$1.30
LIME Fixed LineWeekend1$0.69$0.56$0.13
LIME Fixed LineWeekend3$2.07$1.68$0.39
LIME Fixed LineWeekend10$6.90$5.60$1.30
Karib Cable Fixed LinePeak1$0.69$0.70$0.01
Karib Cable Fixed LinePeak3$2.07$2.10$0.03
Karib Cable Fixed LinePeak10$6.90$7.00$0.10
Karib Cable Fixed LineOff Peak1$0.69$0.70$0.01
Karib Cable Fixed LineOff Peak3$2.07$2.10$0.03
Karib Cable Fixed LineOff Peak10$6.90$7.00$0.10
Karib Cable Fixed LineWeekend1$0.69$0.70$0.01
Karib Cable Fixed LineWeekend3$2.07$2.10$0.03
Karib Cable Fixed LineWeekend10$6.90$7.00$0.10
DestinationTimeDuration (mins.)DigicelCable & WirelessColumbus CommunicationsDifference in Rates
Fixed Line (On Network)Peak1$0.08$0.08
Fixed Line (On Network)Peak3$0.24$0.24
Fixed Line (On Network)Peak10$0.80$0.80
Fixed Line (On Network)Off Peak1$0.05$0.05
Fixed Line (On Network)Off Peak3$0.15$0.15
Fixed Line (On Network)Off Peak10$0.50$0.50
Fixed Line (On Network)Weekend1$0.05$0.05
Fixed Line (On Network)Weekend3$0.15$0.15
Fixed Line (On Network)Weekend10$0.50$0.50
LIME MobilePeak1$0.46$0.48$0.02
LIME MobilePeak3$1.38$1.45$0.06
LIME MobilePeak10$4.60$4.84$0.20
LIME MobileOff Peak1$0.46$0.48$0.02
LIME MobileOff Peak3$1.38$1.45$0.06
LIME MobileOff Peak10$4.60$4.84$0.20
LIME MobileWeekend1$0.46$0.48$0.02
LIME MobileWeekend3$1.38$1.45$0.06
LIME MobileWeekend10$4.60$4.84$0.20
Digicel MobilePeak1$0.46$0.49$0.03
Digicel MobilePeak3$1.38$1.48$0.09
Digicel MobilePeak10$4.60$4.95$0.30
Digicel MobileOff Peak1$0.46$0.49$0.03
Digicel MobileOff Peak3$1.38$1.48$0.09
Digicel MobileOff Peak10$4.60$4.95$0.30
Digicel MobileWeekend1$0.46$0.49$0.03
Digicel MobileWeekend3$1.38$1.48$0.09
Digicel MobileWeekend10$4.60$4.95$0.30
US Fixed LineDay1$1.92$0.92$1.00
US Fixed LineDay3$5.76$2.76$2.97
US Fixed LineDay10$19.40$9.18$9.91
US Fixed LineEvening1$1.15$0.92$0.24
US Fixed LineEvening3$3.45$2.76$0.69
US Fixed LineEvening10$11.50$9.18$2.31
US MobileDay1$1.92$0.92$1.00
US MobileDay3$5.76$2.76$2.97
US MobileDay10$19.40$9.18$9.91
US MobileEvening1$1.15$0.92$0.24
US MobileEvening3$3.45$2.76$0.69
US MobileEvening10$11.50$9.18$2.31
UK Fixed LineDay1$1.90$0.92$0.99
UK Fixed LineDay3$5.76$2.76$2.97
UK Fixed LineDay10$9.18$9.18$9.91
UK Fixed LineEvening1$1.90$0.92$0.23
UK Fixed LineEvening3$5.76$2.76$0.69
UK Fixed LineEvening10$9.18$9.18$2.31
UK MobileDay1$1.90$0.92$0.99
UK MobileDay3$5.76$2.76$2.97
UK MobileDay10$9.18$9.18$9.91
UK MobileEvening1$1.90$0.92$0.23
UK MobileEvening3$5.76$2.76$0.69
UK MobileEvening10$9.18$9.18$2.31

Internet Tariffs

Internet tariff outlines the types of services a provider will offer for internet, along with the rates it intends to charge.

Current rates as of  September 30, 2017.

Cable & Wireless Internet TariffsColumbus Communications Internet Tariffs
NB: In order to get Cable and Wireless’ internet, fixed line is needed. As such, the fixed line rental rate is included in the internet prices below: Fixed line rental rates are: Business $55.20 and Residential $23.46.This does not apply to Cable and Wireless’ Mega-Lite package.
Plan NameDownload SpeedPrice EC$
Super Fast 303$99.86
Superfast 606$105.91
Superfast 909$109.94
Superfast 120˜12$130.12
Superfast 150˜15$140.21
Superfast 24024$150.30
Business Premier1$172.84
Business Premier Plus3$323.64
Business Premier Max4$404.84
Business Mega Optimum8$462.84
PlanDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Price EC$
Turbo 221$91.64
Turbo 12123$130.12
Turbo 25255$150.29
Turbo 505010$216.89
Turbo 10010015$347.00
Business Turbo 551$184.44
Business Turbo 10102$232.00
Business Turbo 25253$266.50

Roaming Tariffs

Roaming tariff outlines the types of services a provider will offer for roaming, along with the rates it intends to charge.

Cable & Wireless Roaming TariffsDigicel Roaming Tariffs
PlanRoaming DestinationIncoming CallsCalls Made to Home CountryCalls made to other LIME Territories except to home countryCalls made to Int'l and Other NetworksSend SMS
LIME Post-PaidFlow ZONE* $0.57 $0.57$0.57$8.37$0.25
LIME Post-PaidCaribbean Preferred Zone** $2.30 $2.30$3.64$8.37$0.81
LIME Post-PaidUSA Zone $2.30 $2.30$3.64$8.37$0.81
LIME Post-PaidUK Zone $2.97 $2.97$4.30$11.07$0.95
LIME Post-PaidRest of World Zone $3.64 $3.64$7.02$11.07$0.95
LIME Pre-PaidFlow ZONE* $1.22 $1.22$1.05$8.91 Home Rate***
LIME Pre-PaidCaribbean Preferred Zone** $3.29 $3.29$4.19$8.91 $0.81
LIME Pre-PaidUSA Zone $3.29 $3.29$4.19$11.61 $0.95
LIME Pre-PaidUK Zone $4.07 $4.07$4.86$11.61 $0.95
PlanRoaming DestinationIncoming CallsCalls Made to Home CountryCalls Within Roaming CountryCalls Int'lSend SMS
Digicel Post-PaidDigi Caribbean$0.00$1.33$1.33$3.26$0.24
Digicel Post-PaidUS, PR, USVI$3.26$3.26$3.26$3.26$0.24
Digicel Post-PaidUK$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42$0.95
Digicel Post-PaidCanada$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42$0.95
Digicel Post-PaidRest of the World$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42$0.95
Digicel Pre-PaidDigi Caribbean$.00$1.33$1.33$3.26$0.24
Digicel Pre-PaidUS, PR, USVI$3.26$3.26$3.26$3.26$0.24
Digicel Pre-PaidUK$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42 $0.95
Digicel Pre-PaidCanada $3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42 $0.95
Digicel Pre-PaidRest of the World $3.26$3.26$3.269.42 $0.95


Cable and Wireless Zone: Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Turks and Trinidad

Caribbean Preferred: Bermuda, French St. Martin, French Guyana (French WI), Guyana, Guadeloupe (French WI), Martinique (French WI) & St. Barthelemy (French WI)

USA: USA (Includes Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands)

UK Zone: Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey & UK