Roaming tariff outlines the types of services a provider will offer for roaming, along with the rates it intends to charge.

LIME Roaming TariffsDigicel Roaming Tariffs
PlanRoaming DestinationIncoming CallsCalls Made to Home CountryCalls made to other LIME Territories except to home countryCalls made to Int'l and Other NetworksSend SMS
LIME Post-PaidFlow ZONE* $0.57 $0.57$0.57$8.37$0.25
LIME Post-PaidCaribbean Preferred Zone** $2.30 $2.30$3.64$8.37$0.81
LIME Post-PaidUSA Zone $2.30 $2.30$3.64$8.37$0.81
LIME Post-PaidUK Zone $2.97 $2.97$4.30$11.07$0.95
LIME Post-PaidRest of World Zone $3.64 $3.64$7.02$11.07$0.95
LIME Pre-PaidFlow ZONE* $1.22 $1.22$1.05$8.91 Home Rate***
LIME Pre-PaidCaribbean Preferred Zone** $3.29 $3.29$4.19$8.91 $0.81
LIME Pre-PaidUSA Zone $3.29 $3.29$4.19$11.61 $0.95
LIME Pre-PaidUK Zone $4.07 $4.07$4.86$11.61 $0.95
PlanRoaming DestinationIncoming CallsCalls Made to Home CountryCalls Within Roaming CountryCalls Int'lSend SMS
Digicel Post-PaidDigi Caribbean$0.00$1.33$1.33$3.26$0.24
Digicel Post-PaidUS, PR, USVI$3.26$3.26$3.26$3.26$0.24
Digicel Post-PaidUK$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42$0.95
Digicel Post-PaidCanada$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42$0.95
Digicel Post-PaidRest of the World$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42$0.95
Digicel Pre-PaidDigi Caribbean$.00$1.33$1.33$3.26$0.24
Digicel Pre-PaidUS, PR, USVI$3.26$3.26$3.26$3.26$0.24
Digicel Pre-PaidUK$3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42 $0.95
Digicel Pre-PaidCanada $3.26$3.26$3.26$9.42 $0.95
Digicel Pre-PaidRest of the World $3.26$3.26$3.269.42 $0.95


Lime Zone: Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Turks and Trinidad

Caribbean Preferred: Bermuda, French St. Martin, French Guyana (French WI), Guyana, Guadeloupe (French WI), Martinique (French WI) & St. Barthelemy (French WI)

USA: USA (Includes Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands)

UK Zone: Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey & UK