NTRC concludes GMDSS Training Session at Barrouallie

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission held its fifth and final Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) training in the town of Barrouallie located in the south leeward district of the country.

The training session was conducted at Learning Resource Centre by Mr. Grayson Stephens, Leading seaman of the SVG Coastguard. In his presentation, Mr. Stephens indicated that cellular phones are only capable of communicating with land based cellular towers up to twenty-four (24) nautical miles, however, GMDSS radios can communicate up to one hundred (100) nautical miles with the coastguard or the nearest vessel with GMDSS enabled radio. He added that a cellular phone is not ideal because based on your location, you may not be able to communicate.

Also, in attendance at the training was Senior Fisheries Assistant, Shamal Connell. Mr. Connell outlined the importance of such radios as their features are useful in saving lives, additionally, he advised the fishermen to absorb the information and source one of the radios for themselves.

At the end of the GMDSS training, the NTRC drew a raffle for a brand new GMDSS radio. The lucky winner of the GMDSS radio was Mr. Randolph Dickson. The raffle consisted of entries from each registered participant of the five (5) GMDSS training sessions that the NTRC held this year.

The GMDSS system was implemented by the NTRC to facilitate an improved and efficient means of communication at sea. A person with a GMDSS enabled handset can send a distress call with a push of a button and alert the coastguard and other vessels having GMDSS radios.

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